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Is a space for the promotion of new designers and design trends outside the normal circuit. Born from a passion for what is original and timeless, of a desire to dress with creativity, defying imagination in a world too homogeneous. An intense and continuous research of worldwide creators in the center of this project, in Portugal.
THE Project started with the opening of OPORTO SHOP IN 2006, following LISBON in 2010, and ALGARVE in 2012 .

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Client Testemonial

In a moment of transition of the communicational process of our project, THE has chosen Thesign for web-developer partner based on such three simple assumptions: precise embracing analysis of our communicational needs, very original and differentiating graphical design, and finally but not least, the relation price/quality/advantages of Thesign proposal.
As initially presented, schedules were accomplished, training sessions were taught by the same time our needs of management autonomy appeared, and all the interventions were allways successfully done by Thesign team. Undoubtedly, an excellent business partner.,