Information: the big thing

Information: the big thing
January 2, 2015 admin

Information is crucial.

This statement was never provided with a sense as wide as it is today. After all we live in a society based on telephone lines, coaxial cables, optical fibers, … the so much propagandized Information Society.
Legacy, or not, of a consumer based society the reality is that information today is the main core element to the production of goods and services. We are constantly “bombarded” by data, raising the suspicion that final result is not the creation of well-informed beings, but uninformed ones based on massive doses of information we can not proccess.
We are easy targets for gunmen who insist on providing us the knowledge of any kitchen product that besides the  cleaning effectiveness scientifically proven, also has microorganisms that massage our hands and feet, constituting a great shampoo and leaving our teeth even whiter.
Enough! Enough! #@%&#!
The challenge of the 90s was overcome (get information), the future challenge presents no less arduous task: select information.
Separate the wheat from the chaff!
We hope to be providing a contribution in this direction.