New Office

New Office
February 25, 2015 admin

We moved! But so far … nothing new.
Change is a constant for those whose motto is: innovate, discover, tame.

The destination is an end! And what we really like is the journey.
Sometimes … we slow down to contemplate what we achieved, where we arrived. And then, when those who follow reach us, we move again. To a new direction, a new project, discovery.
Perhaps the “fault” is in our ancestors heritage. After all they discovered half the world. They crossed the seas and dare to get where the eye does not reach, experiencing sea monsters and folding storms.
We flow at Douro river mouth … and found the man’s helm.
This imposing figure, bowed, staring at the horizon with the hands trapped at the helm, that seems to carry on his shoulders the will of a nation. We recall the words of the writer F. Pessoa: “every Portuguese is a sailor”. And in that moment we were sure that was not by chance the association of the verb navigate to represent what we do in the digital world.
Pleased by this parallelism we decided to settle in right behind him.
We believe that now, as before, it would be useful for him to have someone pointing the way.


We are @:

Rua de Gondarém, 782 – B
4150-373 Foz do Douro
Porto – Portugal