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The in9action brand  aims to promote development and innovation helping to bring knowledge and scientific development to individuals and companies through representation, franchise, agency, or through consulting services, marketing, innovation and development, project management and training in order to create market technology-based products  incorporating new challenges and solutions.


The unique and innovative technology is a nano-particle matrix that can transport active substances. This matrix can bind to many materials giving them new properties and characteristics, providing solutions for application in textiles, paints, varnishes, paper, ceramics, etc. This technology overcomes existing limitations in the use of various materials in the transport of active ingredients that contribute to improved health, comfort and well-being as well as improving the efficiency levels of these same materials, offering an innocuous alternative to human and the environment, endowed with high durability and multiple applications.


Fruit of the strategic partnership with a technological development organization, the company currently has available for marketing various products in its various uses. Efficacy tests were performed by reference bodies such as: IHMT – Institute of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene in Portugal, the SIRI Life Sciences in India, CITEVE – Technological Centre for the Textile and Clothing Industries of Portugal, the Insect Research Development Limited Cambridge in the UK and the University of the Azores, in addition to clinical trials of consultants in the medical field, Dr. Sousa Basto, a specialist in Dermatology and Dr. Afonso Inácio, a specialist in family medicine.


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