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Metalúrgica do Vale do Caima S.A.

METALOCAIMA, SA was founded in 1980 with main activities in the Conception, Manufacture, Installation and Maintenance of Stainless Steel Equipment for Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food and and drinks Industries.

METALOCAIMA, SA is mainly an exporting company and its products are all over the world, in countries such as Angola, Algeria, Belgium, Congo, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Spain, France, England, Italy, Morocco, Netherlands , Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Tunisia and Zimbabwe.


Since 1981, it is a supplier of some of the largest groups in the food and beverage industries in several countries. After 35 years creating equipment and High Quality Services, Metalocaima chosen Thesign as technology and communication partner.

We promote a rebranding and an overall restyling in digital and communication side of the company merging innovation and the pursuit of continuous improvement with the consolidation and tradition of someone who guarantees to do more and better.

metalocaima business card
metalocaima business card